The millennial generation, defined by Sam Tanenhaus of the New York Times, is an often misunderstood and mischaracterized generation. Jackie Trotman gave a well-received talk at TEDx Stanford called “Everything You Need To Know About Millennials Is Wrong.” With the current viewpoint, we need to look into what is important to them.


According to Pew Research:

  • 50% of Millennials are politically unaffiliated.
  • 20% have at least one immigrant parent.
  • Baby boomers and millennials have roughly the same number of eligible voters.
  • Millennials are less religious baby boomers.
  • Millennials are less likely to be living independently of their families.
  • >50% of millennials have shared a selfie with someone.


Millennial Generation


The work to understand this generation by demographers, brand creators, trend spotters, and marketers has taken off and organizations are paying attention to their findings. In particular, they are learning how best to understand, attract and retain millennials.  Every generation has benefited from understanding and adapting to other generations around them and the learning about what millennials really want from the organization they work for has been very interesting.


Here are 3 things that are very important for millennials to experience in their place of work:

  1. Millenials tend to have less trust in institutions (private and public) and remain skeptical about an organization’s true intentions.
    • Transparency is very important to them.
  2. Millennials are a racially diverse generation that supports political liberalism.
    • This is evident through their support for same-sex marriages, marijuana legalization, and willingness to share personal information online.
  3. Change is expected, embraced, and required for them to feel fulfilled.


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