There are numerous benefits to an influential relationship with your boss. Influence in a business relationship feels good for both parties because it is a sign of trust and respect. This mutual influence often shows itself via doors opening to broader organizational impact. The invitation to participate in the organization, outside your direct role, also provides great learning opportunities as well as to further your own career.

So if we agree it is positive to have this influence, then why are many people frustrated that they are not able to experience this type of influential relationship? You may be going about it the wrong way…


Influence your boss


Here are 3 things you can do to impact the amount of influence you have on your boss:

  1. Earn your stripes by exceeding your objectives.
    • I have seen average ideas by a star performer be implemented and great ideas by a below average performer get rejected.
    • Your performance will greatly impact your ability to be heard and prevent your ideas from simply getting dismissed.
  2. Understand your organization – its vision, mission, values, and strategies.
    • Your ideas, when aligned to your organization’s aspirations, will have a far greater chance of being heard and implemented.
  3. While maintaining your performance in your current role, look for ways to gain cross-functional experience.
    • Take on an account management role for a customer and volunteer to be a part of sales meetings.
    • Ask your boss how you could gain experience in other areas of the organization.
      • This shows initiative on your part.
      • Will give you a rich perspective on how best to work with other departments.
      • It reduces the silo effect and will enhance your visibility to other leaders.


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