The culture of your organization will tell your customers how important they and their concerns are within your organization. Regardless of the functional area you work in, (sales, operations, finance, administration, or product development) outstanding customer service is the responsibility of all employees. A secret to effectively resolving customer concerns is making customer loyalty everyone’s responsibility.

Unfortunately too many organizations are set up such that only a select few get to talk or meet their customers. Hearing the intonation in a customer’s voice over the phone helps everyone hear what the pain point is for your customer. Interpersonal, verbal, and non-verbal expressions are all picked up when in direct contact with your customers and aid an organization in creating excellent customer service.

When a customer concern arises time becomes your asset and liability. Rarely, unless an established process for resolution is agreed to, is allowing time to pass by an asset in resolving a customer concern.


Racing to a concern


When a concern is shared via email or voicemail here are 3 points to consider:

  • If they emailed you, phone them back and if they phoned you, tell them you would like to meet them face to face.
    • In other words, sincerely escalate the boldness quotient of communication-based on how they have decided to communicate with you.
  • Call or meet before you have collected all the facts and before you have built up your hypothetical impervious defense system.
    • Listening is step 1 and the sooner you listen the more a concern can be contained and resolved.
  • Those that choose to arm themselves with 100% of the facts and 100% of all the solutions prior to communicating with the customer fail to realize that the time that that takes greatly enhances the concern the customer has and entrenches the customer on their position.

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