Course Outline 

  1. Emotions Around Decision Making
  2. 8 Traps to Avoid Around Decision Making
  3. Types of Decision Making Styles – What Is Your Preferred Style
  4. Decision Making Styles – What Types of Decisions Fit What Style To Use
  5. Empowering People and Teams To Advance The Organization
  6. Creating A Decision Making Matrix For Your Organization

How You Will Benefit

  • Uncover eight unconscious traps we tend to fall into that make decision making less effective
  • Define for yourself what your preferred decision making style is and in what situations that style works well and where it has less effectiveness
  • Build a decision making matrix for your organization that empowers people to make decisions that benefit the organization
  • Build confidence that a structured approach to decision making gives freedom to people
  • Build a committed team that passionately follows through on a decision versus a ‘wait and see’ approach