1. Learn the most common mistakes that presenters make
  2. Discover the real objective of every presentation
  3. Understand how to influence what people are taking away
  4. Review common archetypes and impact of story telling
  5. Identify new tools to use that will make your presentations more effective
  6. Reduce anxiety and enhance confidence around group communication


  1. Problematic Presentations
    1. Many presentations do not begin with the intended audience and therefore have no impact. Learn what mistakes not to make.
  2. Building Communication That Has Impact
    1. Ensure your presentations are remembered even if you are not oozing with charisma.
  3. Why Every Presentation Must Have 3 Archetypes
    1. Since the beginning of time, we have lived with archetypes that are unconsciously and universally understood. Learn how to use these archetypes to present with greater impact on your audience.
  4. Keys to Great Story Telling
    1. Most presenters are not story writers. We will share the basics of crafting a presentation that has a story behind it.
  5. You Are Now Prepared – How to Confidently Communicate
    1. The audience is ready and the pressure is building within you. We will look at different tools experts use to confidently present key messages.Transformational Meetings