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 Lyndon Friesen / Lead Facilitator 

Lyndon Friesen developed a love of entrepreneurship during his university years while running a service franchise and then in leading franchisees. The culture during this ten-year chapter was professionally formative in many ways. Specifically, it helped him discover the direct link between his own development of leadership skills and their impact on his success.

Following this professional chapter, Lyndon worked on the executive leadership team of a global technology manufacturing organization. For seven years, he worked along side a variety of other talented business leaders and helped the company grow at a rapid pace. The high-speed nature of the technology industry and aggressive revenue growth experienced reemphasized the importance of leadership skill development. If you wanted to keep pace with the growth of the organization your skill development needed to match that pace.

From there, Lyndon bought into a service business with two other partners. Over a five-year period, they grew their revenues four times, and along the way won numerous awards including the “BBB Torch Award for Market Place Excellence” in 2013.

Throughout his career, his passion for blending skill development and business performance has never waned. As a professional skill development facilitator Lyndon takes pride in developing and delivering formal learning programs for business teams looking to improve.

In his spare time Lyndon is often found hiking or mountain biking in the forest, and always searching for the perfect cup of coffee. 

Michael Vogt / Lead Facilitator 

Michael Vogt is an experienced facilitator, skills trainer, and business leader. He has spent more than 15 years as a franchise owner in the custom storage industry, responsible for guiding and directing all the day-to-day functions of a business. He’s also been on the other side of the operation, in charge of recruiting, training, and coaching new franchise owners to help them succeed.

His experience managing a business helped Michael become a big believer in the role that skill development plays in success. “There is a direct correlation between your skills and your income in a business environment,” says Michael. “The ability for a leader to not only grow his or her arsenal of skills but also their ability to reproduce those skills throughout their organization is key to becoming a leader in the marketplace.”
Michael is passionate about training leaders and has spent time travelling around the world with his family to teach at a variety of international schools.

Rick Knowlan / Lead Facilitator 

Rick Knowlan has experience as a professional engineer, manager, and management consultant. He specializes in helping teams reach clear strategic decisions, build enthusiastic support for them, and accelerate implementation to get from “plan” to “payoff” as quickly as possible.
Rick has worked as a consultant with over 150 organizations, from large international institutions to small and non-profit companies. He has helped businesses in a variety of industries, including engineering, software development, health care, philanthropy, and government.
When he isn’t on the job, you’ll find Rick fine-tuning his espresso machine, riding his bicycle, baking artisan breads, or wondering how he ended up with a wife who puts up with all that and still smiles every day.