Ignitor was birthed to address the gap between watered down generic learning and development courses aimed at very broad audiences and expensive leadership consulting firms aimed primarily at C level executives.

Our solution is contextual leadership learning and development. Contextual leadership development means we understand that your culture, customers, methodologies, values, opportunities and barriers are unique to your organization and its people. Your training should be tailored to recognize your organization’s uniqueness.

Individuals and teams infused with our contextual leadership development often are able to achieve results far beyond what they thought were possible. People become imbued with the feeling of personal accomplishment and are inspired to push further.

At Ignitor we recognize that all individuals, especially those in leadership positions, have ambition. A burning ember can represent a person’s ambition. Without the fanning of this ember, a person’s ambition often dies out. With infused leadership, one’s ambition is fueled to excel beyond the responsibility entrusted to them.