Confident Decision Making


Generational differences between baby boomers, generation x’ers, millennials or gen z’s conflict on many values or ideals, but in particular how decisions get made.

Our session on confident decision making will look at decisions that your people are tasked with making and provide structure and direction into how best to make those decisions. We will look at how your culture, team dynamics, and communication styles influence how we make decisions and how those decisions impact the people around you.

Course Outline

  1. Emotions Around Decision Making
  2. 8 Traps to Avoid Around Decision Making
  3. Types of Decision Making Styles – What Is Your Preferred Style
  4. Decision Making Styles – What Types of Decisions Fit What Style To Use
  5. Empowering People and Teams To Advance The Organization
  6. Creating A Decision Making Matrix For Your Organization

How Will You Benefit?

  • Uncover eight unconscious traps we tend to fall into that make decision making less effective
  • Define for yourself what your preferred decision making style is and in what situations that style works well and where it has less effectiveness
  • Build a decision making matrix for your organization that empowers people to make decisions that benefit the organization
  • Build confidence that a structured approach to decision making gives freedom to people
  • Build a committed team that passionately follows through on a decision versus a ‘wait and see’ approach

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