Impactful Presentation Skills


Nerves, anxiety, or a lack of confidence can all negatively impact what may otherwise be a strong presentation. Equipped with the right tools, however, your team can overcome their doubts, better prepare, and deliver more effective and memorable presentations.

With Impactful Presentation Skills, your group will work with a professional facilitator to discover how to become confident and powerful public speakers.

Course Outline

  1. Most Common Mistakes Presenters Make
  2. The Real Objective of Presentations
  3. How to Influence Your Audience
  4. Top Presentation Archetypes
  5. The Impact of Story Telling
  6. Effective Presentation Tools
  7. Ways to Reduce Anxiety & Improve Confidence

How Will You Benefit?

Here are just a few key advantages your team can take away from an Impactful Presentation Skills session:

  • Overcome Challenges – Many presentations are not tailored to the intended audience and, therefore, have no impact. Learn how to avoid this common mistake and others.
  • Communicate with Impact – Even if your team isn’t the most charismatic, discover how you and your colleagues can make your presentations more powerful and memorable.
  • Discover the 3 Archetypes – Learn how to use the three main public speaking archetypes to your advantage during your presentations.
  • Become a Great Story Teller – Find out the basics of crafting a presentation that has a story behind it, and become comfortable weaving a narrative into your public speaking.
  • Find Your Confidence – When the audience is seated and ready, do you have trouble overcoming your nerves? Discover the tools experts use to confidently present.

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