Selection Interviewing


All HR professionals or Managers have experienced the joy of a great hire and the pain of a bad hire. Many organizations have gone to a team interview approach to ensure the right candidate(s) are hired. While a team approach can work and increase buy-in from other leaders it can be extremely time consuming as consensus can be elusive with this approach.

Our customized session will will equip people with tools to provide structure to the interview process. Our tailored session places as much emphasis on keeping great candidates in the process, importance of selling candidates on your organization as well as how to probe for historical data that allows you to predict future performance.

Course Outline

  1. Building A Selection Profile For Recruitment Purposes
  2. Building the Posting To Attract Profile of Candidates You Desire
  3. Interview Process – Resume Screening, First Interview, Second Interview, Offer, Acceptance, On Boarding
  4. The Interview – Probing Questions Defining Past Behavior
  5. Predicting Future Performance Behavior
  6. Avoid Losing The Best Candidate
  7. On Boarding For Success

How Will You Benefit?

  • Attract stronger and more aligned candidates for your organization
  • Define what a person must have to fit what your organization and role requires and what are nice to haves
  • Increase confidence in predicting the future performance of a candidate
  • Secure the best candidate without losing her / him to the competition
  • Launch a new hire for success and impact

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