Executive Coaching: Your Development Plan

Most organizations have gone to great lengths to create and implement performance review protocols. In our practice, we see dozens of models each year that, if executed well with employees, can be really effective. However, ineffective models can decrease productivity and discourage employee engagement. Building a strong development plan can help you pave the pathway to success for both you, and your team. Our executive coaching sessions are built to provide you with the tools to build successful development plans that push you to maximize your potential.

Two common misconceptions with the development plan building process are:

Getting Your Terminology Clear:

A development plan is an energizing and tailored plan that outlines the growth that needs to be undertaken by an employee. In many organizations, a development plan is synonymous with a PIP (performance improvement plan) which conjures up fear in people, not excitement. Making an effort to differentiate the two can have a positive impact on your company as a development plan should be undertaken by everyone. Not only can these development plans help you reach your full potential, but they can also make you eligible for more responsibility.

The Organization Or Your Leader Does Not ‘Own’ Your Development Plan:

You have the most to gain by having a well-thought-out development plan. As much as you may want input into your development plan, you are the author of it. With our executive coaching program, we can help you discover how to create and take ownership of effective development plans that can benefit you and your team.

For more information about this topic, our executive coaching practice and performance management fundamentals sessions delve deeper into this area of leadership development. If you have any questions about this session or any of our other executive coaching programs, don’t hesitate to click below to contact us.