Course Outline

  1. Coaching – A Leader’s Most Used Skill
  2. Transformation From Manager To Leader
  3. Preparing Yourself to Coach – Transition Curve, Leadership Styles, Coaching Grid
  4. Preparing A Person to be Coached
  5. Environment for Coaching – What Have You Considered
  7. Feedback – Positive, Impactful, Change Driven
  8. Follow Up

How You Will Benefit

  • Understand and use the development transition curve to coach people more effectively
  • Learn when to push harder for results and when to be a person’s biggest cheerleader
  • Enhance your leadership impact by practicing how to effectively use each of the four primary leadership styles and when to use each one
  • Learn four new ways to make the transformation from a ‘Manager’ to a ‘Leader’ thereby making a larger impact on your organization
  • Learn how to use situational leadership to achieve greater productivity by infusing learning and energy and inspiring self-reliance and drive within your team
  • Impactful learning is dependent on someone wanting to learn. Build your leadership tool belt by helping others be excited about learning their way
  • Create a culture of trust through the delivery of accurate feedback that develops your team
  • Create detailed feedback follow up plans ensuring your feedback is taking root
  • Overall improved communication skills and respected competent leader