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Maria is an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and Coach. She is licensed to administer, assess and interpret the EQ-I 2.0 and EQ-I 360 inventories. Working with your unique Emotional Intelligence profile, Maria can coach you and/or your team to understand your unique socio-emotional functioning. With some work, practice and a supportive coach, this improved understanding of self and others can lead to enhanced social interaction.

Working with the Reuven Bar-On model of Socio-Emotional Intelligence (Figure 1 below) Maria can help you understand and develop your competencies in:

Self-Perception, etc.

Bar-On’s model is supported as the most valid and reliable tool for assessing and understanding emotional intelligence.

As an Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, Maria takes a practical and strengths-based approach to change-management. Backed by research, Maria takes an evidence-based approach to identifying what is going well within your organization or team, what is contributing to this success and how can you do more of it? This information can be used to innovate practices that enhance the existing performance and/or create social processes to improve on areas of interest.

Initially using Motivational Interviewing to work with substance-use clients in a past career, Maria realized MI serves as an effective tool to explore and discover a person’s core-values. Beginning with herself as a test-subject, Maria adapted this methodology to use with people from all walks of life to facilitate dialogue that evokes stories to illustrate what is deeply important to you, and how you can use this information to create development plans and meaningful goal setting that incorporates your unique core values.

Armed with this triple-play, supplemented by a Master of Arts in Professional Communication, Maria is equipped with various methodology and strategy for identifying your needs and co-creating an approach that will address your development wishes. While methodical and a self-proclaimed nerd, Maria’s enthusiasm and sunny disposition is contagious as she endeavours to support and enrich your learning and development journey.

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