Course Outlines

  1. Craft A Personal Development Plan
  2. Develop Performance Management Cycle
  3. Implement Personal and Team Scorecard(s) or Objectives
  4. Leadership Attributes Versus Leadership Skill
  5. Becoming a Great Coach
  6. Accelerate Talent Development Of Your Team
  7. Fundamentals of Giving Impactful Feedback

How You Will Benefit

  • You have responsibility for people and their development – how do I do this? You will learn the fundamentals to making the shift from a strong individual performer to leading people.
  • Recognizing the purpose and value of measurable goals
  • Build a template to set SMART goals for each team member.
  • Effectively blend company high-level goals to your team’s objectives and personal objectives of team members.
  • Become known for being a talent developer and respected leader of people through your skill of being a great coach.
  • Retain your most talented employees by being more responsive to their ambitions and required development.
  • Leaders are highly skilled individuals who enjoy responsibility. Be a talent hunter by learning how to pick the next up and coming leader in your organization.
  • Create a culture of trust through the delivery of accurate feedback that develops your team.
  • Create detailed feedback follow up plans ensuring your feedback is taking root.