22How You Will Benefit

  1. Coaching – A Leader’s Most Used Skill
  2. Preparing Yourself to Coach – Learning Transition Curve & Leadership Styles
  3. How To Prepare Someone To Be Coached
  4. Environment for Coaching – What and Why Is It So Important
  5. DORAGI – Model for Coaching
  6. Feedback – How to Deliver Positive, Impactful, Change Driven Feedback
  7. Follow Up To Your Coaching – Development of a Plan

How You Will Benefit

  • Recognizing the purpose and value of measurable goals
  • Build a template to set SMART Goals
  • Identify your preferred coaching style and when it is best to use it
  • Learn a methodology to giving feedback such that positive impact occurs and development is felt by the organization because of it
  • Form trusted relationships with those that are accountable to you