Course Outlines

  1. Purpose of a Performance Review
  2. Objective of Giving Feedback – At Any Time In Your Organization
  3. Preparation – How Should A Coach Prepare
  4. Performance Review – Structure for a Performance Review event
  5. Feedback – Positive, Impactful, Change Driven
  6. Compensation Discussion – How to Handle
  7. Career Path Discussion – How to Handle
  8. Follow Up – Ensuring Development Is Occurring

How You Will Benefit

  • Recognizing the purpose and value of goals
  • Understand, practice, and crafting SMART goals for yourself and others
  • Define your role and goal both as someone leading a performance review as well as someone receiving a performance review
  • Enhance your ability to deliver feedback that is both accepted and embraced by the person receiving the feedback
  • Increase confidence in having both a career and compensation conversation with team members
  • Build a template for follow up after a feedback meeting with a fellow team member