Ignitor Leadership Infusion

We are excited to tailor a session that will exceed your needs.

Further to our existing leadership development training experience, Ignitor offers additional flexibility to further contextualize an existing session.

Tailor your training

Included In Our Standard Pricing

What separates us from the traditional leadership development organizations is that we understand context. Your organization has unique people, teams, culture, customers, values, and DNA. This is why we believe in not providing off the shelf solutions but rather a solution that fits your context and addresses your specific outcomes.

From a practical perspective, the presentation slides are modified and times adjusted to ensure the correct emphasis is addressing the core requirement your organization has.

Further customization and additional cost

Additional customization that may include coaching individuals one on one for targeted development, creating customized exercises that are tailored to the specific outcomes you may have, or co-partnering with ignitor on creating unique slides for your organization.

Measure learning impact

“You Cannot Manage What You Cannot Measure”

Each session Ignitor facilitates will include helpful ways to bring to life the learning in your organization. Learning skill development techniques and practicing them is just the beginning and we encourage each team to put together an action plan to drive further learning accountability outside the facilitation learning room.

Further measurement and additional cost

An Ignitor consultant is able to develop measurable learning tools that are customized for your organization. Ignitor would work with you to implement these measurement tools. These tools may be as simple as an ongoing feedback loop program to developing formal learning models to be used for individual teams.