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Find out how your team can use tension with colleagues to strengthen relationships

Most people don’t like conflict. In fact, many will go out of their way just to avoid it. But what if your team could take advantage of the powerful emotions involved in disputes and use them to build better working relationships?

With Harnessing Conflict, your group will work with a professional facilitator to discover how and why you should be embracing clashes with your colleagues.

Harnessing Conflict

What to expect in your session

In your Harnessing Conflict session, your group will learn how to use tense situations with team members to your advantage before tackling interactive exercises.

Length of Session: Half Day

Course Outline:

  1. Why Do We Fear It?
  2. Healthy Aspects of Disputes
  3. Conflict & Emotion
  4. Types of Conflict Behavior
  5. How to Deal with Each Type of Behavior
  6. Modeling Conflict that Strengthens Relationships
  7. Tension In a Team Environment

“Lyndon, you have helped us out so much. This was the best feedback we have gotten from one of our learning and development sessions. Thank you for your direct approach on conflict, and teaching us to look forward to it versus being afraid of it.”

~ Government, Washington, DC

What's included in your session?

In addition to your half-day skill development session, you will receive:

  • Pre-Session Work – Your facilitator will work with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization, culture, goals, and any specific issues your group may want to address.
  • Interviews with Key Stakeholders – Through a series of telephone interviews with up to five participants, your facilitator will ensure that your session aligns with key stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Customized Agenda & Content – The Ignitor team will prepare the agenda and content for your session so that it speaks your company language and achieves your desired learning objectives.
  • Hard Copies of Session Material – Each participant will receive a handout package of key slides and any relevant material for the session.
  • Post-Session Support – All participants will have access to your facilitator’s number and email so that your group can reach out regarding any questions that may come up after your session.

How your grop can benefit from harnessing conflict

Here are just a few key advantages your team can take away from a Harnessing Conflict session:

  • Better Understanding – Participants will learn about the psychology behind why we are afraid of clashing with others, and discover how to recognize different conflict behaviors.
  • A Definition of Healthy Conflict – Your team will define what healthy tension and disagreements in your organization could look like.
  • A Stronger Organization – This session can help your group understand how conflict and strong relationships go hand-in-hand.
  • Resolution Techniques – You and your colleagues will learn new ways to positively approach negative clashes that may arise within your team.
  • Constructive Conflict – Build the confidence to initiate and engage in disagreements with the goal of making your company stronger.