Ignitor Leadership Infusion

Discover how to leverage employees’ individual strengths to operate as a stronger, higher-performing team

Each employee brings their own skillset and knowledge to your organization. However, a lack of alignment, accountability, and communication can all lead to poor overall performance.

How can your team reach their full potential if they’re unable to work well together?

With Team Dynamics, your group will work with a professional facilitator to overcome communication gaps, develop aligned values, and become a more cohesive unit.

Team Dynamics


In your Team Dynamics session, your group will learn ways to improve their interpersonal relationships with colleagues, before tackling interactive exercises.

Length of Session: Half Day

Course Outline:

  1. Personal Accountability & the Transition Curve
  2. Your Team Values
  3. Emotional Intelligence – Self-Awareness
  4. Collaborative Intelligence – Thinking Styles
  5. Effective Communication – Verbal, Non-Verbal, Written
  6. Loyalty Defined by Your Team
  7. Your Team Charter & Commitment to Change

“Thank you for taking the time to understand who we are and the specific challenges our team is facing. We look forward to our continued work with you.”

~ Education, Pittsburgh, PA


In addition to your half-day skill development session, you will receive:

  • Pre-Session Work – Your facilitator will work with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization, culture, goals, and any specific issues your group may want to address.
  • Interviews with Key Stakeholders – Through a series of telephone interviews with up to five participants, your facilitator will ensure that your session aligns with key stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Customized Agenda & Content – The Ignitor team will prepare the agenda and content for your session so that it speaks your company language and achieves your desired learning objectives.
  • Hard Copies of Session Material – Each participant will receive a handout package of key slides and any relevant material for the session.
  • Post-Session Support – All participants will have access to your facilitator’s number and email so that your group can reach out regarding any questions that may come up after your session.


Here are just a few key advantages your group can take away from a Team Dynamics session:

  • Become More Aligned – Define organizational values as a group and develop a charter that speaks to each team member to ensure alignment moving forward.
  • Improve Collaboration – Identify various thinking styles and develop a better understanding of how different approaches and methodologies can complement each other.
  • Overcome Conflict – Discover how to embrace conflict with colleagues to strengthen relationships with effective communication tactics and an improved understanding of emotional intelligence.
  • Communicate Effectively – Learn ways to constructively share ideas and feedback with your team verbally, non-verbally, and through written communications, such as email.
  • Identify Personal Accountabilities – Self-accountability can have a huge positive impact within a team environment. Help your group understand their personal responsibilities.