Ignitor Leadership Infusion


Why Ignitor Leadership?What separates us from the traditional leadership development organizations is that we understand context. Your organization has unique people, teams, culture, customers, values and DNA. This is why we believe in not providing off the shelf solutions but rather a solution that fits your context and addresses your specific outcomes.

Training Method

Each skill development session has a blend of formal learning, observation, and practical experimentation. The sessions all have built-in practice time so individuals can immediately observe and exercise their newly learned skills in a safe environment. These interactive practice periods include carefully designed scenarios that teach a specific skill tailored to real challenges in the work place. Participants in the skill development sessions are expertly guided to immediately see the value of the skills and quickly understand how and when to apply them. The foundation for this methodology was formed through 20 years of leadership experience and creating skill development sessions that supported aggressive organizational growth.

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What to expect at each session

Why Ignitor Leadership?Prior to your session, an experienced Facilitator will conduct a pre event conference call to ensure the needs of your organization are understood and determine how best to tailor our program to your participants. Each session will be customized to fit your organizational culture and will infuse confidence, skill, and communication into all participants.

Meet the Ignitor Leadership Team

On the day of the session, an experienced Facilitator will lead an experiential skill development session for your team. The session is interactive and will provide structure to learning the skill chosen.

Several weeks after the session, our Facilitator will conduct a follow up conference call to discuss how the learning is taking root in your organization. It will also be a chance to do an informal Q & A with our Facilitator. Contact us today to get started!