Ignitor Leadership Infusion

Situational Leadership

Our advanced coaching session is for executive leaders or managers who have previously attended one of our coaching fundamentals sessions. It builds off all the principles established in our coaching fundamentals sessions including how to give challenging feedback in a way that is embraced not rejected.

The core of this session is on the topic of situational leadership or knowing how much direction or support is needed for each situation and each person you are working with. The impact felt when we use the right style of leadership in the right moments often produces exponential growth of the person you are working with.

Advanced Coaching

Course Outline

  1. Coaching – A Leader’s Most Used Skill
  2. Transformation From Manager To Leader
  3. Preparing Yourself to Coach – Transition Curve, Leadership Styles, Coaching Grid
  4. Preparing A Person to be Coached
  5. Environment for Coaching – What Have You Considered
  7. Feedback – Positive, Impactful, Change Driven
  8. Follow Up

How will you benefit?

  • Understand and use the development transition curve to coach people more effectively
  • Learn when to push harder for results and when to be a person’s biggest cheerleader
  • Enhance your leadership impact by practicing how to effectively use each of the four primary leadership styles and when to use each one
  • Learn four new ways to make the transformation from a ‘Manager’ to a ‘Leader’ thereby making a larger impact on your organization
  • Learn how to use situational leadership to achieve greater productivity by infusing learning and energy and inspiring self-reliance and drive within your team
  • Impactful learning is dependent on someone wanting to learn. Build your leadership tool belt by helping others be excited about learning their way
  • Create a culture of trust through the delivery of accurate feedback that develops your team
  • Create detailed feedback follow up plans ensuring your feedback is taking root
  • Overall improved communication skills and respected competent leader