Ignitor Leadership Infusion

Learn skills to lead effective meetings, establish good relationships at work and deliver results

"We surveyed 182 senior managers in a range of industries: 65% said meetings keep them from completing their own work. 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient. 64% said meetings come at the expense of deep thinking. 62% said meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together.”

Harvard Business Review | Stop the Meeting Madness

Our Effective Meetings interactive session addresses these concerns and breaks apart the premise that meetings is the panacea for all organizational concerns. We will look at topics such as: who should really be invited, roles in a meeting, how to reach decisions and not just great dialogue, how much time to allocate for topics, injecting discipline into your meetings, and decision making styles.

Course Outline

Meetings That Drive Results
  1. Why Meetings Are Ineffective and Frustrating
  2. 5 Productive Reasons To Meet
  3. Removing Frustration & Increasing Participant Engagement – How To
  4. Meeting Plan Development – How To
  5. Decision Making Styles In Context of Meeting
  6. Meeting Follow Up

How you will benefit

  • Increase your level of engagement in a meeting because you understand the purpose and outcome for each meeting
  • Build trust for those that attend your meetings because you know how to prepare yourself
  • Decrease frustration from others by having purposeful discussions that lead to decisions
  • Gain knowledge as to which decision making style to use pending the topic and group involved in each meeting
  • Develop a follow up plan to each meeting ensuring expected change is occurring