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Deliver Impactful Feedback

Annual performance reviews should be the least anticipated meeting of the year. However it is often a meeting that is cloaked in secrecy, feared, and stressed over by the recipients of the feedback. The objective of a performance review is to provide a summary of one’s annual performance against stated objectives, provide behavioural feedback that allowed for the success or failure on those objectives, and discuss the upcoming year.

Our session will provide structure to an annual performance review including the trust triangle, preparation work, ensuring participant feels relaxed, and how to deliver impactful feedback that is embraced. We will also look at how to give feedback on the go the other 364 days per year which establishes the review as more trusting and less secretive.

Feedback and Performance Reviews

Course Outlines

  1. Purpose of a Performance Review
  2. Objective of Giving Feedback – At Any Time In Your Organization
  3. Preparation – How Should A Coach Prepare
  4. Performance Review – Structure for a Performance Review event
  5. Feedback – Positive, Impactful, Change Driven
  6. Compensation Discussion – How to Handle
  7. Career Path Discussion – How to Handle
  8. Follow Up – Ensuring Development Is Occurring

How you will benefit

  • Recognizing the purpose and value of goals
  • Understand, practice, and crafting SMART goals for yourself and others
  • Define your role and goal both as someone leading a performance review as well as someone receiving a performance review
  • Enhance your ability to deliver feedback that is both accepted and embraced by the person receiving the feedback
  • Increase confidence in having both a career and compensation conversation with team members
  • Build a template for follow up after a feedback meeting with a fellow team member