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Implement Situational Leadership.

Research shows that leading a team and managing change are the most challenging aspects of executive leadership. Every employee requires a tailored approach due to a variety of changing variables. Let us guide you in navigating these complex challenges using the situational leadership model designed by Lyndon Friesen of Ignitor Leadership, adapted for every day managerial application and execution. 

Our process begins with an assessment of your preferred leadership style. We then coach you in crafting a plan to better manage and more efficiently lead your team.

With coaching provided to business leaders around the globe including customers in Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Microsoft and Yahoo, Ignitor Leadership is ready to assist you in developing your team and elevating your business success.

With a customized one-hour coaching session to provide context and actionable takeaways, our Situational Leadership Assessment will help you understand your own situational leadership style prior to coaching. We will also provide you with a custom report to summarize our core findings and guide you towards strategic implementation.

Situational Leadership

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