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Situational Leadership is the most difficult of all leadership skills to master.

There are dozens of books written on this topic.  Most are excellent in terms of content, but many are lacking in terms of applicability.

Although it is crucial to have an understanding of the various styles, including your preferred style, it is only a fraction of what is required in order to be able to master and execute the skill of Situational Leadership. The application as to what style to use with each of your direct reports rests on a more advanced understanding of numerous factors including their maturity, skill level, commitment, organization needs, time, track record, and how the prefer to learn.

Our solution will identify what your preferred style of leadership is based on how much direction or support you use with your direct reports. This is followed up with a 1 hour coaching session to help you apply to one person that reports to you, either directly or indirectly. Our clients see the most success when they make it a part of their action plan for improving team performance and effectiveness.

Our pre-launch offer of $99 USD or $130 CDN includes an assessment, a 1 page report based on your preferred leadership style, and a 1 hour coaching session to help you to understand how to apply it to one of your direct reports.

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Situational Leadership

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