Ignitor Leadership Infusion

Provide your team with the opportunity to hone their skills and develop key abilities in an interactive setting

Bring your team together to tackle the unique issues facing your business with a Skill Development or Strategy session.

In a Skill Development program, you and your colleagues will participate in a half-day training module, guided by a professional facilitator. Strategy sessions run over the course of one to four days, depending on your team’s goals and desired outcomes. Each session is tailor-made for your organization, and is facilitated by one of Ignitor’s seasoned business professionals.

Below is a list of available Skill Development sessions for you to choose from:

For more information on Strategy sessions please contact our team.

Custom Skill Development

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Ignitor also offers custom Skill Development sessions. Built from the ground up, these bespoke programs can offer a solution that meets the exact needs of your group. Contact us today to learn more about our Custom Sessions.