Ignitor Leadership Infusion

Help your leaders provide their teams with effective performance evaluations and feedback

The difference between effective and ineffective performance management can have a huge impact on your team’s success.

Providing consistent and constructive feedback to your team can help inspire action, keep employees engaged, and encourage continued growth and development.

With Performance Management Fundamentals, your group will work with a professional facilitator to discover how to implement a successful review system.

Performance Management Fundamentals

What to expect in your session

In your Performance Management Fundamentals session, your group will learn how to provide effective feedback to employees before tackling interactive exercises.

Length of Session: Half Day

Course Outline:

  1. Crafting a Personal Development Plan
  2. Developing a Performance Management Cycle
  3. Implementing Personal and Team Scorecard(s) or Objectives
  4. Leadership Attributes Versus Leadership Skill
  5. Becoming a Great Coach
  6. Accelerating the Talent Development of Your Team
  7. Fundamentals of Giving Impactful Feedback

You kept our attention the entire time. We have never had any kind of formal training on how to give feedback before, and most of us have been managers for over 25 years. Thank you.”

~ Oil and Gas, Calgary, AB

What's included in your session

In addition to your half-day skill development session, you will receive:

  • Pre-Session Work – Your facilitator will work with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization, culture, goals, and any specific issues your group may want to address.
  • Interviews with Key Stakeholders – Through a series of telephone interviews with up to five participants, your facilitator will ensure that your session aligns with key stakeholders’ expectations.
  • Customized Agenda & Content – The Ignitor team will prepare the agenda and content for your session so that it speaks your company language and achieves your desired learning objectives.
  • Hard Copies of Session Material – Each participant will receive a handout package of key slides and any relevant material for the session.
  • Post-Session Support – All participants will have access to your facilitator’s number and email so that your group can reach out regarding any questions that may come up after your session.

How your group can benefit from performance management fundamentals

Here are just a few key advantages your team can take away from a Performance Management Fundamentals session:

  • Become Better Leaders – You and your team will learn how to shift from being strong individual performers to effective leaders.
  • Goal Setting – Participants will find out the importance of identifying measurable objectives, and build a template to set SMART goals for each team member.
  • Align Objectives – Discover how to effectively blend your company’s high-level goals with your team’s objectives.
  • Improved Coaching Abilities – Your group will find out how to develop employee strengths and support their development with effective coaching skills.
  • Retain and Recruit Talent – Learn how your actions as a leader can help you retain and recruit top talent within your industry.
  • Provide Constructive Feedback – Create a culture of honesty and trust by providing employees with accurate feedback that can help them develop in their roles.
  • Inspire Action and Accountability – Discover how detailed feedback and follow-up plans can help your team take ownership of their own development.