Ignitor Leadership Infusion


Why Ignitor Leadership?Ignitor specializes in working with teams within an organization who are interested in improving team dynamics and individual leadership skills. Organizations that work with Ignitor are looking for leadership development to be part of their learning and development culture translating into exceptional performances from both individuals and teams.

Our executive coaches specialize in listening to what your objectives would be in a coaching relationship, defining what success looks like for both parties and intentionally working at creating this success. Success for you may defined by getting direction on a unique challenge you are currently facing, a pending decision that needs to be made, personal or professional development you are excited to undertake, or having a trusted sounding board for a direction you are taking your team in. Topics covered can include defining your personal leadership brand, communication with your board or executive leadership team or your boss, improving accountability on your team, coaching a difficult member of your team, driving improved engagement of your team, refining your situational leadership skills, input on a complex business decision, and improved collaboration.