Ignitor Leadership Infusion

Customized learning and development programs in the Los Angeles area.

Ignitor Leadership Development will work with your Los Angeles team on a customized learning and development program that addresses your learning objectives. Each of our 16 leadership skill development sessions act as talking points during our discovery process of honing in on your specific objectives for team(s). As we learn more about your Los Angeles team’s session objectives we will put together a tailored proposal for you.

Our objective is to create a unique high energy learning and development event in Los Angeles that equips your people with the practical skill development tools for them to execute their jobs more effectively.

Most of our sessions in Los Angeles encompass aspects of Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Team Dynamics or Coaching. However we also have sessions dedicated to Decision Making, Interviewing, Time Management, DiSC or StrengthsFinder, Performance Management, Public Speaking, and Strategy.

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Emotional Intelligence

People will listen to others who have high IQ but they will follow those who have high EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Our ability to influence others around us in a positive way is a direct relationship with the amount of EQ that we have. Ignitor Leadership Development will walk your Los Angeles team through the five components of Emotional Intelligence including Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skills in a fun and practical way. Personal or professional improvement begins with our ability to be reflective and aware of how our words, actions and behaviours impact those around us.

Conflict Resolution

Most studies show that our three biggest fears in life are how we will die, public speaking and conflict with others around us. Our customized session for your Los Angeles team will shift our thinking about conflict resolution. Our premise for our session is how to create or embrace conflict in a way where the objective is first a stronger relationship and second a resolution. This hands on session will give people tools into how to keep our emotions in check, quickly getting to the core of our conflict with each other, and steps towards resolving conflict that strengthens relationships versus hurts them.

Effective Communication

People are not nearly as clear communicators as they often perceive themselves. Our tailored Effective Communication session for your Los Angeles team will will encompass texting, email, non-verbal, verbal, meeting, and presentation communication skills. During this interactive lively session you will discover your personal communication style and how it works for you and how it may lead you to have misconceptions about other people on your team. Once we understand our differences and why they exist, we are able to embrace those differences versus be in conflict with them.

Team Dynamics

You may have assembled the perfect team in Los Angeles on paper but are wondering why they are not performing at a higher level collectively. Our bespoke Team Dynamics session looks at specific team dynamics values (or your organizational values) and defines them. These definitions or newly created standards are both an invitation to others on your team to help hold you accountable and also your commitment to living those values within the context of how you have defined them. The output is a unique custom team charter for your team to use as way of strengthening each other going forward.


Coaching is often seen as the number one skill for all budding leaders through executive leaders to possess. We would agree. Our ability to make those around us more valuable tomorrow then they are today is an expectation all organizations have of their leaders. Our session in Los Angeles will focus on the difference in leadership styles and where coaching is most effective. We will look at the fundamental differences between coaching for performance or coaching for development. Your team will leave with a customized development plan for one of their employees and a a bevy of practical takeaways to make them more effective as leaders.

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